Letter Update: Celebration of Enacted FY19 Budget into Law!

February 18, 2019

Dear Friends: 

We are thrilled to announce that Friday, finally—after of course much debate with the Administration, our Congress was able to pass legislation to enact the FY19 budget into law!

The final numbers for global health are very positive, with the conferenced FY19 SFOPS bill taking the higher funding levels across the House and Senate for all key accounts.  The enacted FY19 bill provides $8.84 billion for global health programs at USAID and the State Department, which is $147.5 million more than fiscal 2018 and $2.13 billion more than the President requested. Please see attached for a breakdown of funding for the FY19 Global Health Account.

In terms of our work with you over the course of the past year, we achieved all our goals:

  • Nutrition - $145 million (additional $20 million thanks to the leadership of the Senate)

  • Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria - $1.35 billion (held steady for its third year in the cycle)

  • Healthy Timing and Spacing of Pregnancies (international family planning) - $607.5 million (held at same level as FY18 again)

This is cause to celebrate once again! In all three cases above, the Administration had recommended anywhere between 35-50% cuts. Congress restored the funding for all at the end to previous or increased levels.

Thank you for your continued advocacy. We couldn’t do it without you.

Happy President’s Day! 

Take a moment to toast yourself today for your amazing support in 2018, advocating for and helping to save the lives of millions—


Jenny Dyer

Global Health Exec Summary FY19-page-001.jpg

Jennifer Dyer