Learning Tools


In the pages under Learning Tools, we provide additional educational information to deepen your understanding of a variety of global health issues to stimulate support through advocacy.


Here we offer various ways in which we engage in advocacy including requests for your signature on public letters for Congressional Members, how to send personal letters as emails to your member of Congress (including a sample advocacy email), how to make a phone call, and how to lead an in-person meeting with your Senator or Representative to support global health initiatives.

Global Nutrition

Nutrition, malnutrition, hunger, food security, and agriculture information and resources are covered for you to learn more about the basic facts and figures of global nutrition, along with why an early intervention period—the first 1,000 days—is crucial to changing the prognosis for generations to come.

Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, & Malaria (GFATM)

In collaboration with Friends of the Global Fight, we provide topline information about the strides made over the past fifteen years in combatting infectious disease, namely AIDS, TB, and Malaria, though effective programs including GFATM as well as the U.S. PEPFAR and bilateral malaria (President’s Malaria Initiative) and tuberculosis programs.