2030 can design comprehensive strategies to engage a sector of the public achieve policy goals and legislation. This includes tools to promote awareness, activate, and advocate among policymakers. We are experts in building coalitions and networks with a political calculus in mind to protect funding and/or advance change.


Education & Public Awareness

2030 can create a curriculum of materials around an issue with nuance and language particular to your target audience. We can provide a suite of materials for public speaking and beyond including pursuing book publishing, powerpoints, newsletters, website materials, and pamphlets.



2030 has strong experience developing national surveys, polling projects, focus groups, and analyzing data for the strongest information possible to inform the choice of language to communicate your issue.



2030 can develop a multi-pronged approach to tackling increasing funding for the nonprofit community through researching possible multilateral, United States government, foundation, or high net worth individual funding for your organization. We can provide assistance in grant writing, event planning, and networking.



2030 can provide public speaking, host luncheons and gatherings, and provide more consulting services to meet you and your organization’s unique needs to address a variety of social justice issues for systemic change.